Play to the Room

We have played hundreds and hundreds of shows. Over the years, we’ve come to understand that music and live events take a lifetime to master, but with enough experience, you learn to flow and adapt in all kinds of situations. Live bands know better than anyone, there is an energy in the room and it starts before you even set foot on stage. We always arrive well before an event starts, and immediately the mood is being set.

There are always unique aspects to the venue: architecture, furniture, lighting, location, ambiance. These attributes give the room a spirit and a soul. A good event planner knows how to enhance the venue and make it shine. We have played some gorgeous locations, and we have seen how a top planner can make it look incredible. Here are some of our favorite recent locations.


This party called for an intimate jazz trio set in the gorgeous big tent, followed by dancing on a large patio surrounded by forest and a rushing stream.


You’d think that the formal nature of this state capitol would lead to a more formal vibe at the party, but this was one of the bigger dance parties we’ve played this year. It was fun adapting to the party and turning this event into a true celebration.


In all of our experiences performing at the Aria in Las Vegas, we have learned that this resort and event center is always top notch. Behind us were elaborate sculptures made of a huge array of colored roses and backed by these giant gold glittering panels. We were really feeling it in this venue. It always helps to be surrounded by such an incredible sense of design and taste.