Chu is an old-school turntablist whose expertise lies in striking the balance between new hits and old favorites. His diverse musical pallet bridges the gap across all demographics, making him an ideal DJ for casual weddings, corporate events and night clubs.

DJ Chu - Ante Up / Rosa Parks Remix

DJ chu is the best. We use him for business and personal parties, from entertaining kids to adults. He can play a lot of genres and keeps the crowd dancing if they walk away from a song. Fantastic DJ!
— Casey S.
My daughter just got married,we hired DJ Chu for our event…DJ Chu was the magician in the corner- the entire evening seemed to soar because of DJ Chus gift of music and being in tune with the energy of the room and the event. DJ Chu has incredible insight in being so involved with the guests in a way that he knows what music will carry the event and keep the energy levels high and progressive- I was extremely pleased with DJ Chu and would highly recommend him to carry any event through his talent of music.
— Jubalen J.

DJ Chu spinning vinyl at a New Year's Eve party.

DJ Chu…you made my daughter Kennedi’s wedding the very best ever! We can’t thank you enough for the fun you helped create on a perfect night for the 2 new brides. We have received so many comments on how great you were. Thanks so much for being perfect, Chu!
— Michael D.
Chu was amazing. Honestly I can confidently say he is one of the best DJ’s I’ve ever worked with. I am so happy that you referred him to me. I can’t imagine things going better than they did.
— - Emmily, Gatherist Event Planning